25 feb. 2011

Review about Homer´s Odyssey

Homer´s Odyssey was no originally a written book but a tradition of lyric tales or mythos sung by aoidos in order to teach moral attitudes to the ancient Greek population. The plot of the book not only contains the main tasks that a person has to confront in his/her struggle for freedom and independency but also the core of the Ancient Greek culture.
It is commonly attributed to Homer but recent studies show up how it was not composed by just one person but by many different people within the same tradition. There is also no evidence that Homer existed as a person, in fact the name Homer refers to that school of the so called aoidos.
By the way it is also said that this masterpiece was composed around the 8th century before our time but no more detailed date can be given as it is more exact to think that it was composed as it was recited by different people, men and women for sure.

To sum up, we can say that the plot is all about the will of our hero Ulysses to come back home after the ten years lasting war of Troy. However Ulysses finds out lots of problems and dilemmas in his way home and he finds himself completely naked against the forces of nature represented by the Gods. It is just like a born baby who is crying for surviving in a new world where everything costs much more than in his/her previous state. But Ulysses is more than a normal human being, he is actually a copious and strong character able to overcome any kind of situation and get back home to recover his family and wealth.

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